We do not really go to supermarket to shop, our milk, eggs, veggies, fruits, bread, jam and honey are delivered weekly. All those products are from HK and with minimal packaging (except for the milk).
Although raising livestock is very unsustainable for the planet plus the animal cruelty behind, we still drink some milk at home (with moderation)
We get our milk from HK Kowloon Milk just call them for weekly delivery.
Still packaging but not a tetra pack just cardboard (easier to degrade and not much transportation since from HK)
Vegetables and fruits:
Delivery every Monday from Homegrown Foods of a vegetables and, if seasonal, fruits basket. Annual package breaks down to about 400HKD/weekly delivery
Delivery every Wednesday from Julien’s organic farm
Eggs and Honey: Julien’s farm delivered with the weekly delivery 3HKD/egg hormone free and 110HKD/honey.
Julien produces his own honey (you can return the honey jar for reuse and we refill/ reuse the eggs carton at every delivery = zero waste).
Bread: weekly delivery from HKBredabox, they are based in Stanley. No packaging, return the freezer bags at each delivery.
Coconut oil: We get it from the Body Group, they make their own coconut oil in HK and reuse the jar once you return it = zero waste.
Olive Oil & balsamic vinegar: Organic, first cold press we buy bulk from Homegrown Foods, 5 L and refill our little glass jar.
Yogurt: invest in a yogurt maker and buy the Easi Yo refills. You can find them all over town from City Super to Wellcome, P&S
Making your own yogurts removes a lot of packaging and it is much cheaper.
Coffee: Try to bring your own bag to refill (I do it now at Oliver’s in Prince’s Building).
Hubby is still using the Nespresso machine and its caps ( we recycle the caps in returning them at the Nespresso store or if they do a home delivery just hand them the used ones).
Tea: HK is full of amazing tea shops that sell tea buy the weight. I personally bring my tin to get it refill at TWG.