Toilet Paper: No Frills (made in HK, from recycled paper) about 20 HKD from Wellcome.

Hand soap, body soap, shampoo: I buy refills from Bella Sapone/So Soap, their Facebook page.

Hand soap refill: 1000ml=150HKD

Body soap refill: 1000ml=180HKD
Shampoo refill: 1000ml=180HKD

Hand Soap, Body soap:So Soap, their Facebook page.
Day/ Night cream, eye/ face serum, hand & nail lotion…: all from Native Essentiels, natural, locally made and all the bottles can be returned to be reused.
Make up remover: Buy a washable sponge from Body Shop about 40HKD or alternative just plain small pieces of cloth that can be washed easily.

Qtips: Refill from Muji, I like them because all biodegradable, minimum package (just thin plastic film) and great quality.

Women Hygiene:
The moon cup: Order from Amazon  and Mooncup websiteAround 270 HKD or you can order it from Just Green
Cloth sanitary pads: Charlie Banana only their website or 360 at Elements carry them.
Lip Balm:
Homemade: Mix of beeswax, honey, almond oil and peppermint essential oil (plenty of recipes on Youtube)
HK has plenty of of beehives all over the city. This is all very fascinating check the website.
We get our honey and beeswax from Julien who has few beehives in the New Territories.
You can contact Julien at or call him 9472-8928.
Also, you can buy some from So Soap, organic, locally made, packaging recyclable but not returnable.
Compostable Toothbrushes:
From Australia, but hopefully soon we will get a supplier in HK, packaging is biodegradable.
They also do children size.
12 toothbrushes for AUS 16, that’s about HKD 16/ toothbrush  shipping cost.