Cloth Wipes:

You need about 20, one specific pile for the face and one specific pile for the butt. We have been using the same one for 3 years, some have holes but they still do the job. We do not use wet wipes at home, the babies have no diaper rash and we do not use diaper cream. Water and cloth are the best for the baby butt.

Cloth wipes are everywhere from Ikea to organic cotton from Charlie Banana (see the list of their HK retailers on their website).

Cloth diapers: Charlie Banana. Around 900 HKD for a pack of 6.

Our family likes Charlie Banana because this is a HK company with its headquarter in Kowloon, less shipping plus the company gives back to “Operation Smile” and their packaging in printed with soy ink.

Disposable diapers when we travel: Seventh Generation from Tinyfootprints.

Around 250 HKD for a pack of 36.

Disposable Wipes: Naty (100% biodegradable as well as the packaging) from Tinyfootprints.

Glass Bottles: Lifefactory from Tinyfootprints. Nothing beats drinking milk from glass.

Clothes: try to buy second hand from Facebook pages like “swap-it-hk“, “Nearly New Kids” ..

If you cannot find what you are looking for or does not have to time to follow all the posts  just write for instance “Looking for boys cloths 5 to 6 years old brands similar to Gap, Seeds, H&M…”

Another great alternative, go to event organized by “Good as New” 

Changing table, high chair, playpen, moses bed, crib, walking chair, toys, books, nursing pillow, baby carrier, stroller..:.all are listed on “swap-it-hk“, “Nearly New Kids“, “Good As New”