The community has always been extremely generous to HK refugees but this pre-Christmas collection has been the largest ever, a lot of warm clothes, this is wonderful.



Christmas – Zero Waste
Part 1: Presents.
To preserve the Christmas spirit, yesterday was organized in our community a second hand toys sale, all the money raised went to the “Philippines Red Cross”.
This is the ultimate zero waste spirit, give back to the community and respect the planet.
All the participants dropped amazing used toys that their kids have outgrown and bought their ‘new’ Christmas presents.

If you do not have a FB page for your building, street, neighborhood create one (it grows amazingly fast). If time is too pressing, a not so zero waste solution is drop flyers in mailboxes talk about it in lift, school bus stops etc… create the buzz and organize the first one, next year will be larger and so on.

Our family Christmas shopping is done as well as many other families and the event raised an amazing $7,000.
The unsold toys are going to the HK Post Office Charity who is giving them to the YMCA, toy bank for HK unprivileged children.
You can get your Christmas toys on: Asia Expat, or the Facebook pages: swap-it-hk, Nearly New Kids if you cannot find anything just ask for it: “Looking for ‘Curious George Books’, Barbie, Playmobils etc….anyone selling”





Christmas Part 2
Part 1 was about getting your Christmas toys second hand
Part 2 is Present Wrapping
Present wrapping is usually a paper roll imported from the West, wrapped in a thin plastic with a thick cardboard roll in it. This product is such a wasteful item, you put in the garbage more than half the item before even using it, then once the present is unwrapped in a couple of seconds it just fully ends up in the garbage. This is without stating that it is extremely expensive for just a couple of wrapping sheets. So save some money, time shopping and the planet this is the solution to such a wasteful item.
On the left wrapping for adults: use your sarongs, pashminas, silk scarfs…
On the right: grandparents, family members and kids love this. Presents wrapped in your child ‘artworks’.
The Japanese has this beautiful way of wrapping presents with cloth, google the Furoshiki a beautiful eco friendly art (we have not mastered this art) watch the youtube demonstrations it is just beautiful.
Happy Wrapping.


Christmas Tree, decorations + nativity scene (creche)
I never thought I would ever get a plastic tree coming from a cold region where our Christmas trees are 2 meters high and come in pots to be replanted. In HK, the Christmas trees are mainly from the US, Canada and to keep them fresh shipped by air, they are cut thus dead and there is no recycling program for those. The day China will grow its own trees and will have a replanting program in a near region, we will be in. Meanwhile, our plastic tree was bought second hand 7 years ago on Asia Expat so it might be 10 years old. The past few years have been tough on it with the kids pulling, tugging etc.. but it is still fine. It is also fairly small and easy to store.
Now more and more families are from different faiths and we are no exception. This is our version on decorations ( we are 1/2 Catholic , 1/2 Hindu), we visited Rajasthan 5 years ago and got most of our Christmas decorations then. To promote local craft when we travel, we got beautiful locally hand carved & painted decorations, we also got some from Thailand and Bali so our tree is a bit of a mix. This apply to anything you buy when you travel, for in instance in Egypt try not to buy products like the Great Pyramid of Giza Made in China but products locally made, to keep the local craftsmanship alive and promote local labor.
Some of our decorations are made by the children, those are great memories over the years. Last year the 3 kids did hand print (we made extra and gifted them to grandparents who loved them)
Nativity Scene:
Ours is made in Germany & hand painted by local woodcarvers.
If someone knows where to find trees coming from China that come in pots and can be replanted please do let us know on this page.



Native Essentials.
The perfect zero waste Hong Kong company.
To me this is the best cosmetic company in HK. They just do everything right, from products to customer service to respecting the planet.
Here, is a screenshot or their ‘Reuse’ scheme.
For those who exchange gifts for Christmas, this is the perfect present.



Christmas Gift
An excellent Christmas gift for adults or children.
Contact directly the amazing Tracey Read fromPlastic Free Seas.
I think, this is the only place in HK where you can get the metallic straw and it comes with its little cleaner.
It does not take any space in your bag, it is just perfect, we should all have one.
If you are looking for a unique Christmas gift for someone who wants to use less plastic then have a look at the very limited edition Plastic Free Seas – No Excuse For Single Use Plastic Kit! The kit contains the blue reusable shopping bag that folds back into a pouch and the orange zippered bag with stainless steel utensils – fork, spoon, chopsticks and a straw with a cleaning brush! All for $150HKD not available in shops – please click on the link below to order. All proceeds support Plastic Free Seas education programs. Thanks ~ Tracey 

please order through