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Clear desk, Clear mind

10407413_923629421022367_4856104430078614812_nOur zero waste, minimalist desk
Ask yourself: does this still work? Take a look at all those e products (USB keys…) donate, recycle all the things you have not used in a while. Do I use it regularly? We had a collection of professional books, we donated them to HK public library years ago. Do I already have a few? We donated a shoebox of pencils, pens, staplers, calculators etc…to Vision First.
You will notice there is no bin under the desk, the little mail we get is cut and used as scrap paper (put a sticker on your mail ox no junk mail, the post office hands them out). The printer is there but barely used thanks to the camera on the phone we barely have to print nowadays.
In the compartments:
1 fountain pen + ink
Reading Glasses
HP old cartridges that need to be recycled scrap paper( receipts, envelops cut in 2, A4 cut in 4…)
3D glasses for the movie theatre
Envelops (still using spare from my wedding 7 years ago, I might have a lifetime worth of envelops).
Enjoy clearing your desk



I wrote a post on cloth pads about 18 months ago but many women still do not know we have eco-friendly, economical, healthy (cotton vs plastic) and plain practical solutions (no more shopping, no more fear of running out etc..).
11038876_910438025674840_1113577001088291760_nThis is a picture of my bathroom shelf, it must be the same picture I posted before. A lot of companies who sell those pads sponsor social programs (Operation Smile for Charlie Banana, Pads4Girls for LunaPads…) check out also the Diva Cup or Moon Cup ideal for swimming etc… Give it a try, see the difference and embrace the freedom.
Local Hong Kong brand Charlie Banana sells a set of 3 pads for HKD 140, you need about 9 to start (I have a few more because I lost some over the years while traveling).
Please share if you know other brands available in HK at a cheaper price.


Happy Chinese New Year

Gong Hei Fat Choi
On the picture, my oldest wearing her second hand Chinese dress to celebrate next week at school (again thank you Beatrice).
Last year, some parents posted on this page that some HK schools offer ‘used’ Chinese costumes for the CNY which is wonderful we need to push more schools to offer those services, between Christmas/ CNY/ Diwali/ favorite book character dress day, I even heard preschools asking parents to dress their kids in specific color just for one day so the kids could learn that color. If schools want to celebrate all those wonderful holidays or just special days in an educational and responsible manner I wish they would offer children costumes used by previous students, if not I believe the schools decorations should be more than enough to put the kids in a festive mood. The impact on the planet and humans to manufacture all those cheap clothes worn for one day is just unbearable. We all know those cheap clothes are usually sold in the lanes by unregulated factories were labor laws are not respected and environmental laws just non existent.
Talk to your schools, be opened CNY is a wonderful holidays celebrated by friends and families let it be more about people/ experiences rather than things.
Happy Holidays


7th wedding anniversary

About to celebrate my 7th wedding anniversary and I still am constantly reminded of the excesses of my pre-minimalist lifestyle.
I am still using the envelops of my wedding invitations, yes you are reading this right. I cannot remember how many invitations were printed but I remember it was minimum order which was much larger than our guests and as crazy as it sounds I agreed to pay a really high price for invitations that I would never use.
7 years later, I am still using those envelops for bills that cannot be paid online and in classic HK fashion, we moved so I have to cross the address on the back and write my new address. We pay our school fees on Crane paper, ridiculous.
Do you have similar experiences? Please share


Even school can be Zero Waste

The twins are starting school this January and the school requires them to wear a uniform. Since, we never bought new clothes for the children (thank you Beatrice for selling us your daughters’ clothes every year), we were in an impasse. I explained to the school our lifestyle and that we would prefer not to buy new clothes for environmental and just plain human rights reasons. They had second hand clothes and were apologetic about their state. Some had tears and some shirts had written SCHOOL with a large black marker in the back but some were in excellent conditions. It was just perfect and it really did not matter to us the kids are almost 3 and who cares about the clothes after mending them, they just do the job.
Plus, mega bonus this is all FREE, I will just return them in 6 months and exchange them for a bigger size.
As a thank you, we donated to the school all the baby books the girls have outgrown for their classroom for the 1 to 2 years old.
Even school can be Zero Waste we just have to ask and explain.


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