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1378333_632184390166873_310087850_nThe end of the year often means charity events, parties… most of them involve goodie bags full of promotional merchandise. All those products are so tempting but let’s face it we are never going to use them and what a waste.
It is very hard to politely decline, but I found that when I explain nicely with a large smile, that my family tries to live by Zero Waste people are usually surprised but understand and appreciate the effort and are not upset at all but are encouraging and ask questions.
In some of those bags you get notepads (I got one last year with thousands of leaves, that I had to refuse politely).
At home, we make our own notepad with stores, restaurants, car parks receipts, A4 paper cut in 4 from building management, schools etc… it is in our kitchen and everyone uses it, we are ‘sadly’ never out of paper.
You will also realize how many receipts you get on weekly basis, it is frightening.
Try it, ask your kids to do the cutting. It is a good way to teach conservation.


Free pencils.

1380722_627775057274473_1859478687_nIn order and only in this order:
The HK craziness of the free pencils. It has been now 2/3 years that we are constantly refusing free pencils. We decided to give most of the free pens we had in the house 2 years ago to our wonderful helper’s kids (she has 4 kids at school). 2 years later I realize, we actually just need 1 pen in the kitchen and 2 pens on the desk, the rest (on the picture) went to Vision First last week.
It feels good to just have a couple working pens in the house and we strangely never have to look for a pen, we know where they are.


Junk mail.

60046_589345531117426_463712710_nEven though I have the sticker “No Circular Mail” on my mailbox junk mail seems to be creeping in almost everyday.
How is it possible ?
“No Circular Mail” sticker is available in all the HK post offices.


“Waste Not, Want Not”

1000481_577287435656569_175780246_nMy faithful shopping bag (always in my bag), I got it for free years ago. It has traveled the world with me and saved countless plastic bags.
On the picture being repaired for the third time and I am hoping will be used for many more years.
It is not ready to go to the landfill quite yet.


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