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Recycling… and hoping for the best.

At the Apple store returning our ‘antic’ (according to our modern economy) but actually just few years old Apple TV to get it properly recycled. The store made me sign a document but could not quite tell me where it was going, they thought maybe Singapore but they were not sure. I can only hope it will not end up in a very dodgy Chinese or West African ‘recycling plants’ where electrical products are burned on the ground for their precious metals destroying the surrounding environment, workers (breathing the highly toxic fumes) and the local economy (you cannot fish or grow anything anymore in those no man’s land ).
The obvious solution would be not to buy it first but we still need phones, computers…and those break down and need to be replaced.
This is quite a sad post because we do not have a solution for this kind of waste. Our phones, old tablets etc… go to Saint James Settlement, a collection is organized once a year in Pokfulam by Paul Zimmerman. Sigh



Waste free Christmas wrapping – up cycle old pieces of fabric – benefit HK Food Bank.
Our family version of Furoshiki.
Make Japanese Furoshiki with used Indian saris, give the money to HK Food Bank.
My mother in law donated 20 of her old saris from the 90’s/ 2000’s, which we cut in 5/6 pieces each.
We are selling them $50/ piece for the profit of our local food bank, Feeding Hong Kong at our local community Christmas fair this weekend.
On the pictures below are my mother in law and our family tailor.
She is just an amazing woman who undercharged us for the whole tedious work of sewing all those hems (the chiffon ones are quite tricky to sew) because she knows the profit goes the Feeding HK.
Please give her your business, she is a very good tailor, speaks wonderful English and very crafty she is now making a new harness for our dog. (See the address on the business card below, she is located right by the 7 eleven in the small shopping mall, you can see her shop from the street just the one at the end of the hall).
See how beautiful those presents look and how amazing they will look under a Christmas tree.
The best presents we can give our loved ones are carbon neutral.
Offer second hand presents or experiences (theater, ballet, movie…).
Make your own Furoshiki with fabric you do not use anymore, it could be anything: old curtains (not too thick), pareos/ sarongs, bed sheets, baby blankets if not too stretchy are a good way to keep them and use them few times a year adding more memories to them… with imagination there is no limit.
Share your ideas.


Day 2 collection

1238298_603268599725119_534119948_nJust a 10 min clean up, then the beach is pristine.
It is not from people littering on the beach. It just comes with the tide everyday. We eat fish every day from the daily catch of the fishermen who just come to the beach with their fishing canes or spikes and sell the catch to the residents.
This is sustainable fishing
But one has to wonder what do fish eat???


Recycling HP printer cartridge.

945785_592674734117839_1178760257_nAlthough, I know we all try very hard to be as paperless as possible, printing is sometimes unavoidable at home.
HP comes to your residence (yes, not just businesses) and pick up your used cartridges (they do not deliver new one, so not the most efficient service but still indispensable service).
Call the number 2898-7296, they will come and pick it up for you.


Where to recycle?

1016050_575290279189618_1895563808_nSomeone was asking me where to recycle lightbulbs, rechargeable batteries…Ikea!!!
I got 2 chargers ( 2 x 4 for AA batteries) for my rechargeable batteries from Wanchai computer center. I use them for the TV remote and A/C remote. 4 AA rechargeable batteries price around HKD 80 and charger for 4 AA about HKD 150.


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