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National Geographic feature

It is here, I hope the video will inspire friends, family members etc…
Thank you very much to the “National Geographic” crew for this fantastic video.
My wish is we spread the word, we do have to reduce our waste and consume more conscientiously if we want to protect our world. It does not have to be difficult or complicated but more in symbioses with who we really are and enjoy the whole experience.



HK Christmas Trees

Since, in HK our real Christmas tree are from Canada or USA and then tossed in landfills this is our versions.
1. Our family second hand tree which must be now almost 10 years old with homemade decorations and some made by local craftsman in Rajasthan.
2. Caroline’s family tree, done by her 2 children, gorgeous.
3. Florence’s family tree, down by upcycling cardboard paper with the help of her children, beautiful.
Please, post your version of beautiful Christmas tree.


Woman Cooperative

Like most of you, I prefer to buy from local social enterprises.
In this case, I am making an exception my lovely Moroccan neighbor Aziza just brought back from Moroccan some organic Argan body oil perfect for HK cool season.
We all know the virtues of Argan oil the bonus is that it is made mainly by women cooperatives in Morocco. If you do not have the chance of having a Moroccan neighbor, you can also buy some Argan oil at Body Shop or Melvita. They source their oil from Moroccan cooperatives. The impact is lesser financially on the community via those multinationals but they seem to do business more ethically.



Urban gardening

Glorious time to plant food (rooftop, balcony, window ledge everywhere you can)
Have fun, if you are just starting ‘gardening’ start small (herbs are the best).
Experiment, enjoy, regain a bit of independence from the food industry and eat your own chemical free veggies.
On the pictures, zucchinis salads, green beans, chili and herbs…
Have fun and please post your ‘garden’ photos.


2014, way to shop

We are moving to 40/ 50 pieces puzzles.
The girls are going ‘shopping’ at our neighbors’ place, they got absolutely spoiled 5 ‘new’ puzzles to add to the great experience they got to ‘shop’ in their pajamas.
Next day before school, puzzles bonanza .
10599632_813305988721378_918389264975133977_nWhen you need ‘new’ toys do not hesitate to ask neighbors with older kids if they have anything they might not need anymore and would be useful for you, thank you auntie Swati.
Looking at the picture, I am proud to say that the 3 pajamas and the dress are also from second hand, thank you auntie Beatrice



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