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Zero Waste birthday party

The twins celebrated their 3rd birthday.
We decided to have a no gift birthday gifts.
Everyone is different whatever makes you more comfortable we have been invited to fantastic party with book swapping instead of gifts or donation to charity etc… We felt it was more simple this time to just do it this way and just have a great time together. Hubby & I did a magic show, luckily a 3 year old audience is easy to convince, we do apologise to the adults in the audience wink emoticon
Extra bonus, Since there was no birthday gifts parents offered to bring food, we had some great addition to the table: mini cupcakes, cheese sticks, cookies, samosas, strawberries salad etc…
We did not have enough bamboo plates and used our breakable daily plates. We had no breakage, meaning if we give a ceramic plate to a 3 year old he will know to respect and be careful. If we had a broken plate it would not have mattered anyway they are just things after all.
You will recognise our usual cloth banners we use for every celebrations. We compensated the lack of balloons by fresh flowers.
The girls received presents from their grandparents, they are actually toys that our lovely neighbor Marianne has outgrown and given us. I wish the toys would be in such impeccable condition after few years of usage, one can only wish.
Have fun planning celebrations in a respectful manner, a kid party should also be about their better future. Also, it can so stressful on parents to plan, when we forget it is all about being together and have a good time.