Back To School: Reduce-Reuse

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The school asked 4 fabric napkins per kid.
Wonderful initiative replacing disposable paper by reusable fabric.
Just a quick math about 8 weeks of school holidays per year, 3 kids that’s about 540 meals taken at school, that amount of paper napkins saved.
I understand it is more washing to do, but massive savings on resources used at the factory to produce paper napkins, packaging, transportation, garbage plastic bag used to trash them, then transpiration to landfills.
Remember as parents we have power to change the way school deal with waste.
Come up with solutions, even the most simple and please share you will be surprised how open administration can be, better team with other parents too.
We used 2 of hubby old work shirts made out of super soft cotton that are now stained and cut squares and rectangles to make 12 fabric napkins and few handkerchiefs.
It is all about Reduce- Reuse


Holiday-ing in Languedoc


We are back from our holidays in France, in Languedoc.

Pictures were not all taken by me (too difficult with 3 young kids to supervise), it is just for the pleasure of the eyes. The pleasure mainly to buy directly from the producers (when possible).


We ate in galore: melons, zucchinis, tomatoes, apricots, plums, goat cheese…
Our house had a lovely vegetables garden providing us with different kinds of tomatoes, zucchinis, bell peppers…let’s not forget our 4 hens providing us with a few eggs each days ( a hen can produce between 180-280 eggs a year depending on the breed) to the delight of the kids and the adults.

We also gave them a lot of the peels which were intended to the compost as well as their own eggshells (wonderful source of calcium for the chicken).

Needless to say that a lot of people grow their own vegetables and fruits without the help of any chemicals.

It is also one of the largest wine world producers.

The region is blessed with enough rain and sunshine to grow almost anything.
Sadly, it was not the season of figs and blackberries, we missed them by a month.
Wonderful family times, food, wine, scenery, hikes in nature, kayaking, medieval towns all over the region.

Happy to be back in Asia.


I am not perfect…meaning I am human.
I do indulge sometimes.
Magazines are definitely on my list of guilty pleasure with wine, coffee, chocolate, DVF dresses …
I try to go digital as much as possible and do subscribe to a few magazines online but sometimes one cannot resist/avoid them (airport, hospitalization..).
My beloved sister Anne visited me and brought a bunch of ‘light’ reading.
Plus, I had a few magazines from my hospitalization at Pantai Hospital (I have a very bad back).
Last week, I passed down all those magazines to a girlfriend, who will pass them on.
If you do indulge make sure to pass them on, life is all about balance and happiness.
Live by the 5Rs but find your balance and happiness.
This is a post to show that I am human too.

Frame Artist-4


ZW Handbag

Refuse- Reuse
My daily bag: tumbler- shopping bag- water bottle and … lunch box (I like to know what I eat).
All day in the office and empty bin next to me, it feels so good.
Plus, I did not drink a coffee/ tea in a toxic polystyrene cup, water in a toxic water bottle and ate hot lunch in a plastic container.
Remove 1 disposable at a time and replace it by 1 reusable.
Your habits will slowly change and before you know it you will not leave the house without your reusable bag smile emoticon
‪#‎zerowaste‬, ‪#‎zerodechet‬, ‪#‎greenliving‬, ‪#‎healthyliving‬

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Sunday Leftovers

Who says zero waste requires work and organization.
I love lazy Sunday evening, this is when we finish all our weekly leftovers.
This is a picture of our fridge on Sunday evening.
Left: after Sunday dinner, right: before Sunday dinner.
Our organic farmer delivers on Monday.
Sunday menu: chapatis, curry, spaghettis, meatballs, salmon (from Saturday fish does not keep for too long), avocados, bananas…
Kids always find it fun to just pick and choose a lit bit of everything on Sunday.
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Look at your fridge, see how to make those leftovers a bit more appealing. Another trick I use is to take leftovers to the office for lunch, since I am always starving anything looks good at lunch time.Frame Artist-3


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