Producing zero waste sounds like a crazy idea, but its possible and it can even be cost effective, simple and fun for the entire family.

Our story is a typical one. My husband and I started out in Hong Kong with our dog,and then we had one child.
And then we had twins, which was when we decided to hire a live-in helper.

Our home began to feel cramped.

We found ourselves minimalizing our lifestyles to accomodate smaller and smaller living spaces as the cost of living kept rising.
We have always been into buying organic food and recycling, but; in 2013; we felt that as a family we needed to make a real change.

That was when I started Zero Waste Hong Kong to document our attempts at living a zero waste lifestyle.
We’ve had our trials and errors, and we even moved to Malaysia in 2015 which was a huge change for us.
But the payouts of living zero waste have been wonderful. Our family is closer than ever, and we’re much happier and healthier.

And we’re sharing our adventures with you!