Back To School: Reduce-Reuse

Back to school IMG_1733
The school asked 4 fabric napkins per kid.
Wonderful initiative replacing disposable paper by reusable fabric.
Just a quick math about 8 weeks of school holidays per year, 3 kids that’s about 540 meals taken at school, that amount of paper napkins saved.
I understand it is more washing to do, but massive savings on resources used at the factory to produce paper napkins, packaging, transportation, garbage plastic bag used to trash them, then transpiration to landfills.
Remember as parents we have power to change the way school deal with waste.
Come up with solutions, even the most simple and please share you will be surprised how open administration can be, better team with other parents too.
We used 2 of hubby old work shirts made out of super soft cotton that are now stained and cut squares and rectangles to make 12 fabric napkins and few handkerchiefs.
It is all about Reduce- Reuse


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